A complete photo guide on how to attach decorative shoelace aglets

Decorative shoelace aglets will spice up your all year round FLEUR shoes and make them very elegant. Choose your colour. We have golden and silver aglets. If you have already chosen your preferred Shapen barefoot shoes and aglets, here is a simple photo guide on how to attach them. 

Before you start attaching them, please lace up your shoes so they fit your feet properly and you feel comfortable. You will need narrow, flat pair of pliers to attach the aglets. 

There is a latch in the upper part of aglet, press it down a little bit by pliers to create a small tunnel. Do it slowly and carefully to avoid pressing it down altogether. If this happens, use the pliers or manicure scissors to put it back into its original position. 

Thread a shoelace through the tunnel until you reach its end. If a shoelace passes through the tunnel easily, you have to press the latch down a little bit more thus preventing an aglet from falling off. If a shoelace passes through the tunnel with more difficulty, it means that a shoelace will be properly fixed. 

When a shoelace is properly fixed, crimp the edges of an aglet so they are brought together or overlap a bit. 

That's all :-). Now you have the original and eye-catching shoelaces in your all year round barefoot shoes :-).

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