How to choose right size

You will find a size guide below each item in our online shop + advice on how to choose the correct shoe size.

"An Egyptian" foot type. What does it mean? An Egyptian woman has all the toes from the biggest one to the smallest one in one line, having the next toe smaller than the previous one.

With ballerina shoes the maximum of 0.7 cm is recommended, however it is largely subjective. A woman who has just started wearing barefoot shoes need a smaller toe allowance. Experienced barefoot shoes wearers find 1 cm toe allowance comfortable, some find comfortable even larger space.

If you are between the sizes, we recommend to choose a bigger size. You can adjust bigger toe allowance by using our insoles.

We are happy to help you. You can email us at info@shapenbarefoot.com. Do not forget to send us your measurements or send us a photo of foot measurements.

Taking care of shoes

It depends on the upper material of a shoe. If your Shapen barefoot shoes are made of smooth leather you should wipe them with a damp cloth and apply an adequate shoe care product once they dry up. We recommend balms or bee wax. It protects the shoes from cracking, keeps the material surface compact thus preserving the original leather qualities. If your Shapen barefoot shoes are made of nubuck or velour (suede) avoid wet cleaning and rub them dry with special suede velours gum cleaners or brushes. Taking care of nubuck or suede shoes is a little more challenging and therefore the special shoe care products renovating the footwear and restoring its colours must be used.

If you wish your shoes to last as long as possible and keep them fit, you have to take care of them and use them in a right way. When taking care of your shoes use only the products intended for such purpose since an inadequate shoe care shortens the footwear lifespan and functionality. As far as the lifespan is concerned, please respect the following principles:
1. Use a shoe horn, especially for closed in heel shoes.
2. Put on and take off the shoes only when they are unfastened, never "ease your shoes off with your feet".
3. Use laces, fastening strips, etc. to secure the shoes properly to your feet. If the shoes are poorly secured, the result may be excessive wear of lining, insoles or heels.
4. Alternate footwear often, especially in wet weather.
5. Please note that by using the same shoes every day, their lifespan shortens accordingly. The footwear warranty does not mean the footwear lifespan.
6. The footwear must be properly dried up and aired out after use.
7. Do not let the footwear to get soaked.
8. Impregnate and treat the shoes with appropriate shoe care products before the first use. Further information about our shoes

Further information about our shoes

If they are made of leather, they will. Both their length and width will expand.

Currently, we offer 8 sizes, from 36 to 43. If there is a demand for petite / large sizes, we will offer them to our customers.

We are sorry but we do not offer tailor-made shoes.

Yes, we do and we have already made FLEUR all year round shoes and IVY ankle boots wider. If the new wider fit designs stand the test of time and customers want them, we will also make wider fit ballerinas and sandals. Our target is to offer Shapen barefoot shoes in various sizes.

Unfortunately with stockings your feet will keep slipping in all shoes. Straps will prevent sandals and ballerinas to slip off your foot.

We try to optimize our production and to avoid holding too much inventory on hand and to sell only what you are interested in. Thus we avoid surplus stock and by optimizing our production we try to behave as eco-friendly as possible.

Payment methods and shipping details

You can shop at our online shop without any additional fees and pay via secure GoPay payment gateway (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro), online banking or Google Pay. A card payment at our online shop is reliable and complies with the highest security standards. All information transmissions are encrypted. The payment security services are based on 3D Secure standards. If you are ordering from outside of Slovakia you may have to pay import tax and duty charges (applies to none-EU countries). If you are ordering from outside of Slovakia you may have to pay import tax and duty charges (applies to none-EU countries). You may be asked to pay these once your order arrives in the delivery country. SHAPEN s.r.o. (ltd) are not liable for any import tax or duty charges issued by your country’s national import office. Such charges are issued to the recipient and are not controlled by SHAPEN s.r.o. (ltd) in any way. Import taxes and taxes vary from country to country and they depend on the value of your order. If in doubt please consult your country’s governmental or national import office website for further information.

We are sorry but you cannot use this method now, but we would like to add it in the future.

You will find a list of countries where we ship our items in the second step of your order. If your country is not listed, please email us at info@shapenbarefoot.com.

Yes. Once you send us your order you will receive an email with parcel tracking information. If you do not receive such information, please email us at info@shapenbarefoot.com.

Returns and faulty goods complaints

You may return the item within 30 days of receiving it without giving any reason. The item must be
- unused,
- undamaged,
- tried only on a clean floor or carpet (not in exterior),
- accompanied by a return form, proof of purchase,
- returned in the original packaging,
- returned with all the original labels and tags.

We do not exchange items. If the size is not right, please send the Shapen barefoot shoes back to us and we will give you a refund so you can create a new order in our online shop. You are asking why we do not exchange items? We used to exchange them however it was quite challenging in the terms of logistics and sometimes we did not have the shoes in stock and the customer had to wait long for the shoes to be made. The customer did not have neither the shoes nor the money. We wish our dealings to be fair and therefore when the shoe making process takes longer, we do not wish to owe you anything.

We are very sorry for such occurrence. We are very particular about our final footwear quality control, but as our shoes are hand-made, sometimes we may miss a small "defect". Please email us at info@shapenbarefoot.com and describe the fault. Enclosing some photos would be helpful. We will try to do our best to make you happy. info@shapenbarefoot.com

Make a complaint about faulty goods as soon as you find out that the item is faulty, later complaints will not be accepted. The item has to be properly cleaned and it must be dry. In case of failure to meet these conditions, your complaint about faulty goods will not be accepted. Checking whether your complaint is justified and its processing will take up to a maximum of 30 days after the receipt of faulty goods. If we fail to do so, we will give you a refund.

The buyer shall meet all the costs of returning the item. Please refer to the General Commercial Terms and Conditions, Article VI.

You can return a gift voucher within 14 days from its purchase. If you decide to return a gift voucher, please follow the same procedure as for withdrawal from the Purchase Agreement. A gift voucher can be used to purchase goods the value of which corresponds to or exceeds the total value of used vouchers. A gift voucher cannot be exchanged for money and it cannot be returned even if the price of purchased goods does not exceed the total value of a gift voucher.

If you refuse to pay the custom duty and we will receive the parcel back, you will get a refund minus the shipping and handling fee.

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