• Baška
    My first barefoot ballerina shoes are not only beautiful but also comfortable and feel just like slippers. Since I couldn't decide whether to buy the black or mustard yellow pair, in the end I decided to buy both pairs :-). Thank you Shapen for making these wonderful shoes.
  • Mirka
    Mia (founder of SHAPEN) inspired me several times in the past and helped me to choose the right barefoot shoes. When I learned that she decided to make her own shoe brand, I knew her shoes would be the best. And the Tulip shoes are really the best. I wore them to the wedding and danced all night long and never had the urge to take them off under the table and relax my feet.
  • Marta
    These yellow beauties are the most beautiful shoes I have ever worn. It feels good to wear them and that comes from the person who loves walking barefoot most of the time. They feel like tailor made with or without the straps, they are perfect to be warn to the town, café, woods or park. Today I have had them on when teaching my son to climb the trees. Shoes made with love and down to the tiniest detail❤. Shapen shoes you are going strong!
  • Veronika
    Thank you Shapen for these beautiful ballerina shoes, wonderful yellow / mustard yellow and turquoise colour, unusual refreshing and spring colour combination. I am so happy to have them.

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